Introducing the newest member to our team, The DV. Engineered for a compact, stealthy design. Applied with our own Patented Synchronic Technology.

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Synchronic Technology

The Synchronic Diverter Valve is the first compact DV/BOV/BPV that uses the patented Synchronic actuator technology. It eliminates the use of diaphragms with a piston actuator that doesn't require frequent re-lubrication. It has also been designed to hold upwards of 60 psi, while still retaining extremely fast response (25 milliseconds or less to be exact) to eliminate compressor surge.

Colored Caps

Our Diverter Valve colored caps come as an optional accessory, Dress up your blow off valve with these caps to match your application. Made with 6061 Aluminum.

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Universal Application

We have over 10 Flanges to adapt to your car for bolt-on application. Want to upgrade your factory or aftermarket BOV? No problem, our flanges will take care of this issue. Feel free to browse our flanges for your specific model.

View DV Video

Take a look at our exclusive video of the features of our Synchronic Diverter Valve