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Piping Kits, intake, cold air

Maximize performance with our piping kits designed to optimize your B.O.V.

Piping Material

Made of Aluminum, our piping yields significant weight savings as well as dissipating heat before reaching the intercooler, available in durable powder coated black.

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CNC Mandrel Bent

Utilizing only Mandrel bends, our pipes have the ability to eliminate any unnecessary welds by having a 1 piece smooth design. Eliminating the welds also maximizes the strength of our tubing and eliminating potential failure points.

Our Featured Projects

MazdaSpeed3 FMIC Kit

The Synapse Engineering 07 to 09 Mazdaspeed 3 Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) kit is designed to eliminate the factory TMIC's well known heat soak issue due to its lack of sufficient air flow.

Synapse FMIC KIT relocates the intercooler to the front side of the car where it faces maximum air flow to cool the pressurized air in the charge pipe before it reaches the engine. The intercooler we used for this MS3 FMIC kit is a Bar and Plate design, 3" thick core, 24" long, and 9" tall for maximum cooling.

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Bead Roll

Located at each ends of our piping, These bead rolls add a flare to the piping to prevent couplers from slipping off the tube under high operating pressures, insuring further reliability.