The Synchronic Wastegate features our patented technology offering sizes in 50mm, or 40mm. Available in black or silver tops.

Port Combinations

Our 4 ports allow you to take complete control of your boost pressure. By hooking up the vacuum lines to our different combinations allow you to get the most out of our product.

wastegate turbo, port options turbo wasteagates, with optional boost settings
wastegate springs, all of our springs to help further your boost setting.

Available Springs

Both 40mm and 50mm are packaged with 2 optional springs(B, and D) Also available in our product line are 2 additional springs for purchase.(E) and (F) if needed for more mechanical pre-load.

F, E, A, B, D, and C From left to right.

Synchronic Technology

Our Patented Synchronic Technology in our Wastegates allows for 6 built in boost settings with just changing your port configurations, with no diaphragm our Wastegate will react within 25 milliseconds.


View WG Video

Take a look at our exclusive video on the features of our Wastegate!